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 Guide: Translators

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PostSubject: Guide: Translators   Mon Jan 31, 2011 3:18 am

When translating, please make sure to follow the layout as in the example below:

" " dialogue inside speech bubbles
[ ] dialogue/narration inside thoughts/boxes
: : small/side text
SFX: sfx notes
T/N: translator notes--will be typesetted
{}: translator notes--noted for staff
// extended bubble/box/thought
A new paragraph indicates a new panel.

[Insert series title] - Vol ##
Ch ##: [insert chapter name]

[right to left]

Page ##

Margin: The social talk among these adult women is once again not matching up. Is the way to make it through this era here...!?

"Hahhhhh...//The world sure has been in a slump recently."
"I know..."

"The store hasn't been doing too well."
[So things are bad everywhere, huh...]

SFX: tap tap

"Well!! It's this era!! It's all this era's fault!! So let's just drink tonight!!"
"Let's just drink it all!!"

"I see. So it's the era that is at fault."
"Hehh.//So all eras have their problems"


Remember to keep the key at the top and place the series info and page number in bold. Don't forget to specify if it is referenced from left to right or vice versa.

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Guide: Translators
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