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PostSubject: Editors   Sun Jan 30, 2011 12:01 pm


An editor is a person who cleans and typesets.
They need to clean out all foreign text including dialogue, thoughts, and SFX (difficult or time consuming ones can be left). They need rotate, crop, level and edit the scans.
Editors also need to typeset the scans. They should be able to place the text into the corresponding speech bubbles or thought bubbles, etc.

Editors need to have Photoshop or any other photo editing program that can open .psd files. Files need to be saved in .psd format and sent to an administrator.

Cleaners' Test
Typesetters' Test
*passwords are 'kuro' (w/o quotations)

If interested, please PM me the completed Cleaners' and Typesetters' tests with the following:
-Your username
-Reason why you want to apply for this position
-Experience (with other scanlation groups, etc.)
-Do you think you are capable of compromising/negotiating with other members and staff?
-Can you handle our deadlines?
-How much time you think you can dedicate to scanlating
-How you found our forum

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