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 Guide: Scanners/Raw Providers

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PostSubject: Guide: Scanners/Raw Providers   Guide: Scanners/Raw Providers I_icon_minitimeSat Jul 23, 2011 3:40 pm

Hello to all scanners and raw providers,

To scanners:
Your job is to scan tankobon raws for us. Please unbind raws (and rebind later if you wish) when scanning. Ripping the pages out only makes it worse as parts of the pages can be ripped off and they would be damaged. Make sure that all of the page is scanned properly, not with a corner missing or something. Please save as .jpg files. After scanning, sort the chapters out and upload them, then submit to the Files forum.

To raw providers:
Your job is to download raws for us. Please download raws (HQ preferred, not magazine raws) and sort the chapters out for us. Either place them in folders or list the pages that divide the chapters then upload.

To scaners and raw providers:
When uploading, please submit with the links and the following:

a) [language] Series name: Vol. XX, Chapters XX-XX (sorted)

b) [language] Series name: Chapters XX-XX (sorted)

c) [language] Series name: Vol. XX (unsorted)
Ch XX: pages XXX-XXX
Ch XX: pages XXX-XXX

d) [language] Series name: Chapters XX-XX (unsorted)
Ch XX: pages XXX-XXX
Ch XX: pages XXX-XXX

e) [language] Series name: Chapter XX (single)

Please do this as the admin/mods can't download and sort every chapter/volume/series that we do. Your work is gratefully appreciated!

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Guide: Scanners/Raw Providers
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